WAAD Blog Carnival #2: “But It’s Just Arthritis”

Boy, do we again have some fantastic responses to this prompt.  We have enjoyed reading every single one of them as each of them is very different, many bring up points of view that we do not hear often or haven’t thought about ourselves, and we can relate to each and every post. 

Without further adieu, Systemically Connected, in conjunction with IAAM and WAAD13, presents WAAD Blog Carnival #2.

But It’s Just Arthritis

Little Miss Autoimmune discusses how the phrase “move it or lose it” is really unhelpful advice as we still may “lose it”.

Pollyanna Penguin delves into how it’s “not fair wear and tear” and discusses the differentiation between osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Getting Closer To Myself tells us about a recent fall and the impact that injuries can have on both affected and unaffected joints for patients with an autoimmune arthritis disease.

WarmSocks gives a great example of how she gives an explanation to those who assume that “it’s just arthritis”.

A Figment of Fitness details all that she goes through to take care of what people assume is “just arthritis”.

Life With RA Is A Pain discusses how her friends and family don’t have an understanding of what her arthritis is, and how this is reinforced by advertising.

Many thanks to all who participated; we will be posting information on our second blog carnival in the next 24 hours.

Like what you’re reading here?  Register for WAAD13 here to continue this discussion plus much much more during our 47 hour worldwide virtual event that begins on May 19th.


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